The Process of Scaling and Root Planing

If you have chronic gum disease, your periodontist will likely first recommend a treatment called scaling and root planing. According to the Journal of Evidenced-Based Dental Practice, this procedure is the “gold standard” for patients with periodontitis. Essentially, it’s like a deep dental cleaning for your gums. As you may... Read more »

Tips and Tricks on How to Clean Your Orthodontic Retainer

Do you have an orthodontic retainer? If so, you need to take good care of it so it can help you maintain your straight and healthy smile. One beneficial way of taking care of your retainer is by cleaning it regularly. To help you do so, our orthodontist, Dr. Youssef... Read more »

Maintain a Strong Smile During Fall Sports by Doing These Things

Participating in sports can be very beneficial for your body and even your mind. However, sometimes it can be dangerous for your smile if you’re not careful. This is why our dentist, Dr. Youssef Saad, encourages you to care for your teeth and gums when you run, jump, kick, spike,... Read more »

A Large Area of Dental Attrition Might Need to Be Treated with a Root Canal

Dental attrition occurs when minor deviations in your dentition cause one tooth to rub excessively on the other. As the tooth enamel starts to wear away it can expose the sensitive dentin layer beneath. This can also create a surface that harbors a large cavity. If the tooth decay is... Read more »

Your Child’s Retainer Will Need Daily Maintenance and Cleaning

Dr. Youssef Saad provided your child with their new retainer to help hold their teeth in their new position. This is an important step to preserving the realignment performed by their braces. Even after their braces have been removed, there will still be a modest amount of residual tension in... Read more »

Oral Health Services: Dental Health Care

Do you wish to have the healthiest smile possible? Are you aware that daily habits beyond brushing and flossing could be critical in the state of your teeth and gums, both positively and negatively? If you are undergoing any changes in your smile, make sure they are positive ones. Your... Read more »

Dental Care While Traveling

Summer is a great time for quick family trips and big vacations. But while you’re getting away from it all, don’t take a vacation from taking care of your teeth! You still need to brush twice a day for two minutes a day, and floss at least once a day.... Read more »

Effects of Wearing Braces as an Adult

If you have issues relating to your dental health such as chewing, speaking, or even drinking, then braces may be the best option for you. Are you looking into wearing braces as an adult for cosmetic reasons? This may not be the most worthwhile option for your smile. Our team... Read more »

Tips for Treating Oral Emergencies

If you find yourself in a situation where an oral emergency has arisen, it is important to remain calm and use treatment methods at your disposal. Often the small amount of care you give your smile after an oral emergency is a huge component of an ultimately successful recovery. Listed... Read more »

Keep Your Smile Healthy With These Food Choices

Are you looking for great food choices to keep your teeth strong and healthy? If so, you have come to the right place! Dr. Youssef Saad with Fort Worth, Texas, is dedicated to helping your smile stay healthy and clean, which is why we have provided tips and advice on... Read more »