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If you have issues relating to your dental health such as chewing, speaking, or even drinking, then braces may be the best option for you. Are you looking into wearing braces as an adult for cosmetic reasons? This may not be the most worthwhile option for your smile. Our team here at Pearl Smile Dental want to help you find the best solution for you and your smile as well as inform you about what braces for adults may do.

If you’re considering a cosmetic fix, some of the results from braces include tooth extractions, placements of appliances, root damage, or any other age-related complication. At a young age, the teeth are still soft and have the ability to move easily as well as be treated and regain a full recovery. At an older age, your teeth have hardened and the roots have been grounded into the bone.

In order for a large fix needed to be made for the teeth, some further precautions have to be taken to avoid any of the aforementioned problems. When readjusting, a tooth may or may not need to be extracted to provide extra room for teeth, or if there is a missing tooth, a prosthetic one will need to be placed in order to provide stability for other teeth shifting.

With any adjustment, they need to be watched closely in order to preserve the teeth as well as the roots. If not preserved, this may lead to TMD (Temporomandibular Disorder) or tooth loss. Let our office here in Fort Worth, Texas, tend to your dental and ortho needs. Pearl Smile Dental can determine which option is best for you, so give us a call at 817-921-3400 today!