A Dental Abscess Needs Timely Treatment

Untreated tooth decay can do more than hamper the basic function of your mouth and cause problems with sensitivity. Over time, the bacterial presence can invade the core structures of a tooth and causing an infection in the root and surrounding periodontal tissues. As the tooth decay develops, you will... Read more »

Gum Disease and Gingivitis

When we’re talking about gum disease, it’s always better to catch it sooner than later. Gum disease, which is also known as periodontal disease and which can come in many different severities, is actually reversible in its early phases. Read below to learn a little more about gingivitis, the first... Read more »

Tuck These Gifts Inside Your Family’s Stockings for Happier Smiles

Happier smiles come with healthy habits and regular attention. Now that Christmas is here and we are busily handling all the things we need to take care of, we invite you to consider the following stocking stuffer ideas to help your family's smiles thrive. Our Pearl Smile Dental team in... Read more »

Holiday Meals with Braces: Do’s and Don’ts

The holidays are upon us, and along with them comes tasty holiday food. Here are some dishes you may find on the menu, along with some advice on whether or not you should eat them with braces.   Turkey or Roast: Roast, turkey, and other protein-packed dishes are fantastic sources... Read more »

Dental Abscess Treatment Prevents Further Medical Complications

Early on you might be tempted to ignore a small-to-modest sized cavity. If the tooth decay advances beyond the tooth’s enamel layer to allow bacteria to spread into the pulp and root of the tooth it can cause a toothache. If you manage to deal with the discomfort and forgo... Read more »

Flossing and Orthodontics

To make your braces last, you need to take care of them. Part of that job is avoiding the hard, tough, sticky, sugary and starchy foods that can damage or break your braces. Another part of taking care of them is keeping them clean. Flossing your teeth is something that... Read more »

The Process of Scaling and Root Planing

If you have chronic gum disease, your periodontist will likely first recommend a treatment called scaling and root planing. According to the Journal of Evidenced-Based Dental Practice, this procedure is the “gold standard” for patients with periodontitis. Essentially, it’s like a deep dental cleaning for your gums. As you may... Read more »

Tips and Tricks on How to Clean Your Orthodontic Retainer

Do you have an orthodontic retainer? If so, you need to take good care of it so it can help you maintain your straight and healthy smile. One beneficial way of taking care of your retainer is by cleaning it regularly. To help you do so, our orthodontist, Dr. Youssef... Read more »

Maintain a Strong Smile During Fall Sports by Doing These Things

Participating in sports can be very beneficial for your body and even your mind. However, sometimes it can be dangerous for your smile if you’re not careful. This is why our dentist, Dr. Youssef Saad, encourages you to care for your teeth and gums when you run, jump, kick, spike,... Read more »

A Large Area of Dental Attrition Might Need to Be Treated with a Root Canal

Dental attrition occurs when minor deviations in your dentition cause one tooth to rub excessively on the other. As the tooth enamel starts to wear away it can expose the sensitive dentin layer beneath. This can also create a surface that harbors a large cavity. If the tooth decay is... Read more »