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Dental attrition occurs when minor deviations in your dentition cause one tooth to rub excessively on the other. As the tooth enamel starts to wear away it can expose the sensitive dentin layer beneath. This can also create a surface that harbors a large cavity.

If the tooth decay is allowed to progress, it could eventually invade the pulp, root, or nerve of the tooth. To treat a tooth in this level of distress, Dr. Youssef Saad might recommend performing a root canal at his endodontic clinic in Fort Worth, Texas.

This outpatient endodontic therapy is designed to clear away the tooth’s enamel layer while excising any other affected tissues. Once this is done, Dr. Youssef Saad will then start the process of forming an abutment from a material called gutta percha. This small post shaped structure will provide the necessary anchor to hold a dental crown in place.

Dr. Youssef Saad and the endodontic specialists at Pearl Smile Dental will then prepare an impression of the area. This will guide dental technicians in creating your dental crown from special materials such as gold, porcelain, or base metals.

When it’s ready Dr. Youssef Saad will cement the dental crown onto the abutment with a strong dental adhesive.

If you are in the Fort Worth, Texas, area and you have a tooth that’s been badly compromised by dental attrition, you should call 817-921-3400 to seek endodontic care at Pearl Smile Dental.