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One of the biggest risks to an individual’s smile that often requires an orthodontic treatment is due to malocclusions. Malocclusions are also known as bad bites that arise when teeth are knocked out of position or are not aligning correctly. For a list of common malocclusions that can often arise, look below.

– An excessive form of overbite is known as a deep bite
– A malocclusion that consists of issues between the lower and upper front teeth is known as an underbite. If the upper portion sticks out farther than the lower portion, it is known as an overbite.
– If you suffer from a malocclusion in which your teeth do not fully close, an open bite will be present.
– At times when teeth fail to line up, a misplaced midline may be present
– Overcrowded teeth and other spacing malocclusions occur when the teeth are too close together or there are gaps and spaces between teeth.
– Irregularities in the position of teeth are known as transposition malocclusions.
– Rotation malocclusions occur when teeth have been properly rotated out of position.

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