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It’s not hard to find good food that can be eaten with braces if you look around. But to help you find the right stuff and keep from eating the kinds of food that might damage your dental work, we’re blogging about soft food recipes that are braces safe. In this post… Hominy!

Hominy, sometimes called samp, is made both in whole grain and ground. Ground hominy is called hominy grits. Whole hominy is usually purchased canned, although in some localities it is available in the dry form. You can even find it in the instant cereals section of your grocery store. Hominy is used chiefly as a vegetable, very much as we use rice, but is also served as a cereal.

Whole Hominy:
Heat the canned hominy in its own liquid; drain, add butter and seasoning and serve in place of potatoes at lunch or dinner or serve with any appropriate sauce or gravy.

Ground Hominy Grits:
-1 cup ground hominy
-1 teaspooon salt
-4 cups boiling water

Sprinkle hominy gradually into boiling salted water, stirring constantly until mixture boils; reduce heat and cook for 5 minutes, stirring once or twice.

Place over boiling water and cook tightly covered for about 1 hour or until all of the water has been absorbed.

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