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The holidays are upon us, and along with them comes tasty holiday food. Here are some dishes you may find on the menu, along with some advice on whether or not you should eat them with braces.  

Turkey or Roast: Roast, turkey, and other protein-packed dishes are fantastic sources of phosphorous. Phosphorous helps the body absorb calcium, which strengthens teeth. Conveniently, most proteins are safe to eat with braces–as long as they are soft and moist. Tough, stringy meats can break wires and brackets. Cut the meat off of the bone for optimal braces safety.

Mashed Sweet Potatoes: Mashed potatoes of any variety are soft, which makes them easy to eat with braces. They are a starch, but they do not stick to your teeth as other starchy foods do. This makes them far less likely to contribute to cavity formation–AND they won’t stick to your braces! So long as they aren’t topped with nuts, this is a great dish for braces-wearers.

Veggie Platter: Unfortunately, you will have to pass on this one. Raw and crunchy vegetables are tough on braces–they can easily break brackets or wires. But don’t ignore vegetables completely! Go for the softer steamed, roasted, or baked options, such as roasted carrots or your mother’s classic green bean casserole.

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