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Visiting the dentist every six months is a common rule of thumb for patients who want to achieve and maintain healthy smiles, but certain health conditions and life circumstances require some patients to receive dental checkups more frequently. Our dentist at Pearl Smile Dental will gladly help you to better understand your oral health and how often you should seek dental care. Below are five reasons why dental visits are important to both dental and general health and may need to occur frequently:

1. The occurrence of dental pain or a damaged tooth could grow worse over time if not treated by a dentist.

2. Oral health changes such as sensitivity in the teeth, changes in your bite or dentures that feel different may be signs of a larger dental issue and should be diagnosed by a dentist.

3. Gum disease and other oral issues are linked to general health concerns such as diabetes, stroke and heart disease, affecting your overall health.

4. Receiving a prescription medication, developing a medical condition or undergoing pregnancy can bring about changes in your oral health.

5. If your child received their first tooth or had a first birthday, they should see the dentist for the first time.

We welcome you to contact our office at 817-921-3400 today to further discuss your oral health with Dr. Youssef Saad and schedule your next dental checkup in Fort Worth, Texas, to care for your smile.