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Early on you might be tempted to ignore a small-to-modest sized cavity. If the tooth decay advances beyond the tooth’s enamel layer to allow bacteria to spread into the pulp and root of the tooth it can cause a toothache.

If you manage to deal with the discomfort and forgo professional treatment the bacteria could start to accumulate in the periodontal tissues resulting in a dental abscess. Without professional intervention from a trained oral healthcare practitioner like Dr. Youssef Saad the bacteria could spread to your bloodstream.

If it’s caught early Dr. Saad might be able to treat an infected tooth and dental abscess with a root canal followed by a course of prescription antibiotics. Then he can restore the tooth’s enamel layer with a dental crown.

In a severe case where a dental abscess is large he might recommend extracting the tooth and suturing your gums. If a total dental extraction is required Dr. Saad can help you understand your options for restoring the tooth. This often calls for installing a dental bridge or performing a dental implant restoration with a dental crown.

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