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Untreated tooth decay can do more than hamper the basic function of your mouth and cause problems with sensitivity. Over time, the bacterial presence can invade the core structures of a tooth and causing an infection in the root and surrounding periodontal tissues.

As the tooth decay develops, you will likely experience a gradually worsening toothache. If left untreated, this pain can continue to progress to the point where you might also notice a building pain and pressure deep within your gums. This is a distinct sign that you need to seek timely treatment from a professionally trained oral care specialist like Dr. Youssef Saad.

If the problem is caught in time, our dentist might be able to treat the tooth by performing a root canal. This treatment strategy will likely include a follow-up course of prescription antibiotics to clear up any latent infection.

In cases where a dental abscess is significant, Dr. Saad might need to drain the bacterial fluid. Some severe cases might require our dentist to remove the abscess so as to prevent the bacteria from passing from the abscess to your bloodstream.

If the tooth cannot be viably treated without extraction, Dr. Saad will likely provide you with a prescription for pain medication, along with some antibiotics. When you’re ready for your treatment, our dentist can help you understand which dental restoration options are available at Pearl Smile Dental.

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